The Mattituck Cutchogue alumni committee would like to invite all alumni, teachers, and staff to our first bi-annual all class reunion. We are going to have a great time. We are going to have a DJ, raffles to raise money for scholarships, and fun games for all. Friday night is going to be a welcome pig roast at Crazy Forks, and Saturday is going to be a family friendly beach BBQ at Veterans beach. We are looking for donations, we have a bank account at Chase bank. Please make checks payable to Mattituck Cutchogue alumni. We would like to ask anyone who has a business to consider sponsoring at table at the reunion. Your donation can either be sent to Denise Geis 209 Mattituck, N.Y. 11952 or deposited directly at Chase bank. We will displaythe name and information of your business during the beach BBQ on Saturday. We hope to raise enough money so the cost of the reunion will be covered, and the rest of the money raised will go towards scholarships. We are asking that everyone bring sides to share and anything you want to drink (alcohol is allowed) on Saturday. We will have BBQ chicken, hot dogs, and hamburgers available. We will also have T-Shirts available for purchase. We will continue to keep everyone updated as more information becomes available. Reserve your tickets below. Thank you, The Mattituck Cutchogue alumni committee 

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Friday Night pig roast
Pig roast at Crazy forks
$10.00 per person pay at door. DJ and raffles
When:July 21,2017 6:00-10:00 pm
Where:Crazy Forks Main Road Mattituck
Number of Registrations:
Saturday beach BBQ
Family BBQ at veterans beach. Set up from 10:00-12:00, family BBQ from 12:00-6:00, clean up from 6:00-8:00pm. DJ, raffles, and games for all. More details will follow soon.
When:Saturday July 22,2017 12:00-6:00
Where:Veterans beach Peconic Bay Blvd Mattituck
Number of Registrations:
Guest Purchased Tickets
Asher Griffin
Eamon Griffin
Nancy Parkin (Griffin)
Carol Cameron
Jerry Cibulski
Kate McNabb's Guest
Anne Hurley
Kate McNabb Jurgensen
John Szymczak
Gwen Groocock
Gwen's Guest
Gwens Guest
Pamela Saunders (Conway)
Crystal Parker
Sonya Parker
Mike Tsontakis
Lisa Tuthill (Boyd)
Mike Boyd
Karen Parkin (Parkin-Demmons)
Joanne Zuhoski (goerler)
Alicia Rivera
Kendra Wadlington
Alisha Posteraro (Buckingham)
George Buckingham
Linda Parkin (DeBraccio)
Patricia Strickland/Sanchez (Fulford)
Brandon Gholson
Patrice Gholson
Sheniqua Gholson
Mary Ann Lakowitz (Gremler)
William Gremler
Betsy Parkin (Pittman)
Gabe Darin
Donna Chituk (Chituk McGahan)
Leslie Grattan (Grattan)
Meaghan Pickle
Aaliya Spearmon
Ariana Spearmon
Latoya McFarland (Spearmon)
Rodney Spearmon
Colleen McGann (Cummings)
Paula Blados (Reeve)
Karenann Yoerges (Volinski)
Mark Volinski
Lisabeth Sledjeski (Mullen)
Stephanie Moore (Pawlik)
Alex Felakos
James Felakos
James G Felakos
James J Felakos
Elizabeth Sieczka
Sharon Harris (Gulyas)
Jean Saunders
Polly (Marilyn) Loper (cummings)
Carroll Harvey
Barbara Berdinka (Teresko)
Harold (Ted) Teresko
Michele Cassone
Chris Decker
Gina Olmsted (Decker)
Carolyn Fanning (Grossenbacher-Senatore)
Gavin Moore
Gavin Jr Moore
Kathleen Paulauskas (Moore)
Shannan Moore
David Tuthill
Marge Tuthill
Brian Goehringer
Chantelle Goehringer
Sloane Goehringer
Sophia Goehringer
Barbara Sledjeski (goehringer)
Jerry Goehringer
Michael Sanchez
Cory Geis
Denise Goehringer (Geis)
Total 76